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- Created the Mayflower Hill Broadcasting Collective

- Collaborated constitantly w/ student planning board and student government association.

WMHB Radio (2015-present)

  • Responded to industrial distruption with a reconfiguration of station's music intake and delivery system post-collapse of the College Music Journal

  • Researched and delivered a comprehensive strategy for the station (linked)

  • Oversaw the hiring of 10+ employees, maintained the relationship between industrial entities, WMHB's volunteer base, student leadership, underwriters and the station's audience.

  • Led weekly staff meetings, leader training sessions, interviews, and disciplinary matters.

CMI President (2015-present)

  • Club created in 2015

  • Membership: 70+ members

  • Secured consistent annual funding

  • Established an executive board

  • Wrote constitution, membership agreement​

managing budgets, accounts payable, and calendars

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